Engage with your target audience with direct access to a network of premium publishers. Whether your advertising campaign is large or small, we will help you find your customer using our advanced targeting solutions.



High performing ad formats for better user engagement

choose from a wide selection of ad formats that are engaging users & generating high revenues

Text Ads

While lacking some of the advantages of graphical ads, text-based ads have some powerful advantages of their own. They download almost instantly and are not affected by ad blocking software .

Text ads typically consist of one or two lines of text and a link. Users seem more likely to click on these ads.

Text ads come in different colors and sizes. These ads allow you to present your message quickly and efficiently.

E-Commerce Ads

As an e-commerce marketer, the conversion path is always a challenge. Many users need time before being convinced and often don’t buy during their first visit. But then the question is, how to reach those users and how to encourage them to make a purchase on your website? This is exactly the purpose of e-commerce ads!

E-Commerce ads is a way of connecting with your past visitors by either showing them products they’ve seen on your website or by suggesting them products they might like. The ads are thus dynamically created based on user cookies.

Text + Image Ads

Text + Image Ad style allows the advertisers to use text and image together in a single ad. This option lets you create ads with higher content richness than standard text ads.

Interstitial Ads

An interstitial ad (inter-ad) is an advertising page which is inserted in the normal flow of editorial content structure on a website for the purpose of advertising or promotion. Interstitial messages, like TV commercials, make viewers a captive of the message.

Interstitial ads are useful as they expose visitors to a site a full 5 seconds to a separate window dedicated to an advertiser's page before moving through the website. These ads give advertisers a chance to show as much information as they can, without intruding on the web space of a Publisher.

Banderole Ads

Directly integrated into the website, the Banderole stretches across the page like a printed paper banner. It is wrapped across the entire width of the editorial page contents in the user's immediate field of vision. It moves with the scrolling, which guarantees the greatest attention.

Video Ads

If you have videos on your site, video ads are a way to increase your revenue. Online video ads work the same as TV ads. Just as ads appear on your TV during a show, video ads serve during videos that play on your site.

Video ads are supporting both linear and non-linear ads.

Pricing models and conversion tracking

wide selection of advertising models for performance and branding campaigns


The pricing models to suit your campaigns

Different campaigns have different goals, and we understand that. The PLEXIADS Advertiser Platform offers a range of different models to match the objectives of your campaigns, so you are always getting the very best return on your investment.

Cost Per Click

Pay whenever a user clicks on your ad.

Cost Per Action

Pay every time a user completes a specific action, such as a signup or download.

Cost Per Mille

Pay per 1000 ad impressions.

Cost Per Day

pay for every day that an ad is on a web page/site for the whole day.

Cost Per View

Pay every time someone watches some, or all of your video ad.


Revolutionizing Relevance


Our geotargeting features allow you reach people by country and even city.

Language Targeting

Choose the language of the sites your want your campaign to be displayed on.

Keyword Targeting

Build a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our system will ensure your ads only appear on sites containing those keywords.

Interest Targeting

Target people based on their interests to ensure your campaign only reaches those who will engage with it.

Time Targeting

Choose the exact time you want to launch your campaign to target your audience for optimal results.

Device Targeting

Choose from a comprehensive list of devices to reach with your campaign.


Choose from a range of the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and more.


Target people using specific desktop and mobile operating systems.


Reach people who have already visited your site to get them to convert.

Frequency Capping.

Choose the number of times your ads are exposed.

Advanced Features


Our optimized algorithms give you the pleasure of controlling your ad campaigns by yourself. We offer a range of tools to do exactly that. We've developed everything you need to optimize your ad campaigns.

Bid Recommendation

Suggest the optimal bid, based on your campaign criteria.

Sophisticated Monitoring

Be informed, monitor your campaign performance and make correct decisions with our real-time statistics.

Fraud Protection

Take advantage of our effective fraud detection system, which provides a safe environment and ensures you don't waste any money on low-quality traffic.

Budget Caps

Set specific daily budget caps for your campaigns.